Policies & General Info

Customer Responsibility

  • Camper must be returned clean, damage free, and violation free.
  • Be on time for units being delivered or picking up unit.
  • No smoking allowed inside units!
  • Both holding tanks (black & grey) must be emptied (if customer haul) and rinsed before being returned! If your campsite does not provide dump station most truck stops allow you to dump there for a small fee. Once returned if we open the valves and any human waste comes out you will be charged $75.00 out of your security deposit!.
  • There will be a cleaning fee of $50.00 or more if camper is not returned in same clean condition as when it left. Cleaning supplies will be provided.
  • Awnings cost roughly $1800.00 to get replaced. If it is windy please put them up to avoid any damage. We recommend putting in awning when you leave trailer or when you go to bed for the night.

What’s Included In Delivery

  • Position the trailer on your campsite.
  • Level the trailer.
  • Connect trailer to campsites electrical power and verify that items work. A minimum of 30 amp service to run AC. 
  • Extend trailer slide (if equipped) 
  • Connect to fresh water (if available) or fill fresh water tank and turn water pump on.
  • Turn on appliances.
  • Connect sewer hose to dump tank (if available) 
  • Dump trailer after stay. 
  • Turn on propane tank.
  • A complete walk-through on the trailer and demonstrate how main components function. All trailers have manuals containing important operational information. 
  • Delivery charges based on location 

Pet Policy Agreement

The Pet Policy Agreement is for Unit. 4- 2019 Jayco Jayflight 264BH Only!

Please fill out the agreement to the right after reading the policies.

  • A $50 pet fee is required (non-refundable) along with a $250 security deposit, a copy of any driver(s) ID, a signed Pet Policy Agreement and Rental Contract. (The $50 pet fee only allows for 1 pet in unit.
  • Small or medium dogs only (45lbs or less), anything else MUST be approved by us prior 
  • Pet(s) MUST be up to date on all shots 
  • Pet(s) MUST be house-trained and well mannered 
  • Pet(s) MUST NOT be left unattended in any unit unless they are kenneled  
  • Pet(s) MUST be free of fleas and ticks 
  • Pet(s) MUST be free of any infection or illness that can be harmful to other animals 
  • Owner(s) MUST clean up and take care of any pet(s) inside of the unit 

Pet Policy Agreement